A syndicate of American editors offered £200 for the best appeal to newspaper subscribers to pay up their subscriptions. The prize was given to the editor of the Rocky Mountain “Celt”. This is the poem:—

Lives of great men all remind us
Honest men don’t stand a chance;
The more we work there grow behind us
Bigger patches on our pants.

On our pants once new and glossy,
Now are stripes of different hue;
All because subscribers linger,
And won’t pay us what is due.

Then let us all be up and doing,
Send your mite, however small;
Or, when the cold of winter strikes us,
We shall have no pants at all.

The Newsletter: an Australian Paper for Australian People (Sydney, NSW), 17 December 1910, p. 7

See also:
The Editor’s Appeal“, The Hooker Advance (Hooker, Oklahoma), vol. 8 no. 41, 17 November 1911, p. 1