The girls that are wanted are good girls —
Good from the heart to the lips;
Pure as the lily is white and pure,
From its heart to its sweet leaf tips.
The girls that are wanted are home girls —
Girls that are mother’s right hand,
That fathers and brothers can trust to,
And the little ones understand.

Girls that are fair on the hearthstone,
And pleasant when nobody sees;
Kind and sweet to their own folks,
Beady and anxious to please.
The girls that are wanted are wise girls,
That know what to do and to say;
That drive with a smile and a soft word
The wrath of the household away.

The girls that are wanted are girls of sense,
Whom fashion can never deceive;
Who can follow whatever is pretty,
And dare what is silly to leave.
The girls that are wanted are careful girls,
Who count what a thing will cost,
Who use with a prudent, generous hand,
But see that nothing is lost.

The girls that are wanted are girls with hearts;
They are wanted for mothers and wives;
Wanted to cradle in loving arms
The strongest and frailest lives.
The clever, the witty, the brilliant girl,
There are few who can understand;
But, oh! for the wise, loving home girls
There’s a constant, steady demand.

— Solomon Sly.

The Wasp (San Francisco), 6 October 1888, p. 6 (column 3) [attributed to Solomon Sly]

See also:
The Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW), 4 September 1886, p. 34 [attributed to L.E.B.; this version does not include lines 21-24]
The Christian Cynosure (Chicago), 6 March 1890, p. 11 (column 1) [no author attribution]
The Friend: A Religious and Literary Journal (Philadelphia), 4 May 1890, p. 316 (bottom of column 2) [no author attribution]
Lasell Leaves (Auburndale, Massachusetts), February 1897, p. 88 [attributed to Mary B. James]

Notes by Andrew Guild:
This poem has also been attributed to J. H. Gray, c. 1880; however, I have not been able to find an contemporary book to confirm that.
As can be seen from the above references, this poem has also been attributed to L.E.B., Mary B. James, and Solomon Sly.