“Well, old Sparks was married four times; and several years after the death of his last wife they started a new cemetery up there at Pencadder. Sparks bought a lot, and determined to remove his sacred dust from the old graveyard. Somehow or other, in taking the remains over to the cemetery in the wagon, they were hopelessly mixed together, so that it was utterly impossible to tell which was which. Any other man than Sparks would simply have taken the chances of having the reinterments properly made. But he was an extremely conscientious man; and when the sepulture was completed, he had a lot of new headstones set in, bearing such inscriptions as these: ‘Here lies Jane (and probably part of Susan) Sparks;’ ‘Sacred to the memory of Maria (to say nothing of Jane and Hannah) Sparks.’

“‘Stranger, pause and drop a tear,
For Susan Sparks lies buried here;
Mingled, in some perplexing manner,
With Jane, Maria and portions of Hannah.'”

Max Adeler [Charles Heber Clark], Out of the Hurly-Burly, or, Life in an Odd Corner, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania): To-day Publishing Company, 1882, pp. 244-245

Notes by Andrew Guild:
Charles Heber Clark was born in 1841 in Berlin (Maryland), and died in 1915 in Eagles Mere (Pennsylvania).